We exist to connect our customers with theirs in the most efficient way.

At vSocialize, we design and deliver success - to our customers. And we do this by integrating all your tech, marketing and branding needs under one roof to create performance based solutions.

Once we have on-boarded customers, we believe in providing enduring commitment to keep improving their business by helping them acquire, nurture and expand their customer base.

It all began in 2006 when Ramanathan Somasundaram, moved to the United Kingdom and found it challenging to get his 70 year old mother to get on skype. Then he started wondering how good where the companies when it came to social media outreach.

Meet the socializers. We are a small team of creative minds that strive to deliver the best. Together we help learn, understand and create stunning outputs. Which is why we take a few clients at a time, so that we can use our resources to the best.

That's not all, we socialize too; check our instagram. We have tons of fun

Ramanathan Somasundaram


Ramiz Raja

Senior Digital Strategist

Sujith Devadas

Lead Designer

Vignesh Prasanna

Lead Developer

Narendhar Shanmugam

Senior Developer

Pradeep J

Digital Strategist


SEO Analyst

Surya Prakash

Sales and Marketing

Iswarya Sakthivel


Arun Somesh

Senior Graphic Designer


Content Writer


SEO Analyst

Imran Khan




Manisha Kapoor

Graphic Designer

Aravind Bharat

Content Writer